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32″ x 60″ Bathtub – LH Drain, White Fibreglass

32″ x 60″ Bathtub – LH Drain, White Fibreglass

SKU: T6032L


Elegance, classic design, quality craftsmanship, deep colorfast finish. The Mustee 3260 Bathtub delivers everything you’re looking for in a premium soaking bathtub. Built with premium fibreglass for standard 32″ x 60″ alcoves. Apron supported by twin molded brackets for extra stability
A network of bottom and side structural support. One-piece molded, with matched metal molds for high strength and integral rigidity. 40° lumbar slope for relaxed reclining while soaking. 8-1/2” x 14-1/4” drain offset
Fits a wide range of finished Mustee wall options, both direct-to-stud and adhesive mount.


Material Fibreglass
Drain Location & Size Left-hand drain
Width 60"
Depth 32"


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