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Assisted Living

AODA Compliance & Assisted Living

What is AODA? Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) mandates a set of standards that public, private, and non-profit organizations must follow to become more accessible to people with disabilities. AODA’s goal is to create a barrier-free Ontario by 2025.

In Canada, the Accessibility Building Standards may vary by province, but AODA will provide important information to guide the design of any barrier-free washroom or assisted living project.

Today, AODA compliant bathrooms are standard and a must for every business open to the public. Every employer who deals with the public must have special accessibility standards in place to assist people with disabilities. Grab bars are typically installed last on a project and are often missed. See our section of Code Approved Grab Bars and ensure your business is compliant and opens on time.

With an aging population, more people are moving into Assisted Living developments or retro-fitting existing bathrooms, to stay with loved ones. See our section of Barrier-free Shower Floors, Grab Bars, and Flip-up Seats ready to meet any Assisted Living requirement.

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